SparingVision announces the conferences that its management team will be participating in in the first half of 2021.


Paris, February 16, 2021 – SparingVision (“the Company”), a genomic medicine company developing vision saving treatments for ocular diseases, announces the conferences that its management team will be participating in in the first half of 2021.

OIS Gene Therapy Innovation Showcase, 18 February

  • Company introduction and business update, Stéphane Boissel, CEO (1:10-2:30 PM EST)
  • Gene Therapy Outlook panel, Prof. José Alain Sahel, scientific co-founder (2:30-3:30 PM EST)

4th Annual Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders, 22-25 February

  • Evaluating Challenges Encountered in Small Patient Number Trials, Dr Dan Chung, Chief Medical Officer, (Feb 22, 3pm EST)
  • Keeping CMC Activities Off the Critical Path for Gene Therapy Development (Feb 23, 2PM EST) & CMC and Analytical Chair, Dr Rajiv Gangurde, Chief Technology Officer

Society of Toxicology 2021 Annual Meeting, 14-18 March

  • Preclinical Pearls for Successful Gene Therapy Development: Past and Future, Symposium Session, Dr Dan Chung, Chief Medical Officer, (March 17, 3:35-3:50PM EST)
  • A 1-Month Toxicology and Biodistribution NHP Pilot Study Evaluating a Single Subretinal Bilateral Administration of SPVN06—A Novel AAV-Based Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Rod-Cone Dystrophies Agnostic of the Causative Mutation (Poster), Dr Florence Lorget, Chief Development Sciences Officer (March 18, 11:15AM-1:00PM EST)

Gene and Cell Therapies : CMC & Vector Manufacturing Online Summit, 24-25 March

  • Manufacturing AAV Serotypes for Gene Therapy, Dr Rajiv Gangurde, Chief Technology Officer (March 24, 11:50AM EST)

ARM Cell & Gene Meeting on the Med, 6-9 April

  • Company introduction and business update, and Gene therapies for ophthalmologic diseases panel, Stéphane Boissel, CEO

Ohio Association of Genetic Counselors, 8-9 April

  • Gene Therapy: Where we are today, Dr Dan Chung, Chief Medical Officer

ARVO Virtual Meeting, 1-7 May

ASGCT 24th Annual Meeting, 12-15 May

Bio€quity Europe, 17-19 May

  • Company introduction and business update, ‘Next wave’ company track, Stéphane Boissel, CEO


About SparingVision:
SparingVision is a genomic medicines company, translating pioneering science into vision saving treatments. Founded to advance over 20 years of world-leading ophthalmic research from its scientific foundersat the Paris Vision Institute, SparingVision is leading a step shift in how ocular diseases are treated, moving beyond single gene correction therapies. At the heart of this is SPVN06, a gene independent treatment for retinitis pigmentosa (RP), the most common inherited retinal disease affecting two million people worldwide. SPVN06 could form the basis of a suite of new sight saving treatments as it could be applicable to many other retinal diseases, regardless of genetic cause.
The Company is supported by a strong, internationally renowned team who aim to harness the potential of genomic medicine to deliver new treatments to all ocular disease patients as quickly as possible. SparingVision has raised €60 million to date and its investors include 4BIO Capital, Bpifrance, Foundation Fighting Blindness (US), Fondation Voir & Entendre, UPMC Enterprises, Jeito Capital and Ysios Capital. For more information, please visit
About SPVN06:
SPVN06 is a proprietary, mutation-agnostic, AAV gene therapy approach comprised of one neurotrophic factor and one enzyme reducing oxidative stress which, acting synergistically, aim at slowing or stopping the degeneration of photoreceptors, which inevitably leads to blindness in patients with rod-cone dystrophies (RCD). SparingVision’s primary disease target is Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), one of the most common inherited retinal diseases that affects two million patients worldwide. There is currently no treatment approved to treat RP patients independently of their genetic background. This approach is potentially applicable to many more diseases where the loss of rods is known to be an early signal of the disease. First-in-man trials, with SPVN06 in patientswith RP, will be commencing in 2021.